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hexagonal symbols and 64 hexagrams
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Eras and ages of human civilization.
Astro-psychophysiology and world chronology.

Nine pages in this website section consider cosmological charts showing epochs and eras or ages of development of human civilization, and also astronomical phenomena which are connected with psycho-physiological processes according to which evolution of people is carried out.

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The first page compares hexagonal symbols and 64 hexagrams of the canon of changes I Ching to chronological cycles according to which the planet Uranus makes movement around the sun, that corresponds to historical periods or epochs and eras or otherwise to tell chronology of developments of human civilization.
The second page describes chronology of civilization development in ancient China according to comments of The Great Appendix in the Chinese classical Book of Changes I Ching, and also hexagonal symbols and cycles of the planet Uranus are compared to historical periods and names of cultural heroes according to which civilization of China developed.


The third page considers historical eras and ages which from viewpoint of astrology are connected with precession of the Earth's axis and zodiacal signs, and also are original chronological scale according to which human civilization develops, namely cultural-religious notions of mankind about the universe and psycho-physiological changes of people have progression.
The fourth page results data about historical epochs and chronological eras of development of human civilization from viewpoint of biblical chronology, namely information on evolution of mankind in the Bible is compared to zodiacal signs in astrology.
The fifth page shows ratio of chronological cycles of the planet Uranus and symbols of the Book of Changes I Ching with Daniel's prophecies in the Bible. And also astronomical system of satellites and rings of Uranus is shown as mythological image of the eighth sky or heaven.
The sixth page compares chronological cycles of the planet Uranus to the birth date of Jesus Christ and beginning of the New Era of contemporary chronology. And also appearance of the Star of Magi at the east is considered as astronomical position of Uranus in initial degree of astrological circle.
The seventh page shows cosmograms or astrological celestial charts according to which calendar numbers of the Pisces Age correspond with chronological cycles of Uranus, that allows to analyze historical events of last eras and to predict the future time.
The eighth page shows celestial chart corresponding to beginning of the Era or New Age of Aquarius. And this page speaks about forthcoming psycho-physiological development of human civilization, and also about influence of past and future millenniums on coming events according to ratio of chronology with zodiacal signs in astrology.
The ninth page compares chronological cycles of Uranus and development ages of mankind in a context of astrology with future events in the biblical Book of Revelation, namely future processes of the Apocalypse of human civilization are compared to signs of zodiac and precession of the Earth's axis in astrological circle.