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Emotional types.
Emotions and shapes of human faces.

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This section of website describes emotional types of human faces or otherwise to tell emotional shapes which are constants and differ from changeable images of emotions.
Emotional types or shapes are systematized by means of hexagrams of the canon of changes i-jing, and compared to emotional images and physiognomic symbols which are described on pages of this website in section concepts of the canon of changes, and also in galleries which have names: impressions, oracle, relations, conditions, time.


The first page gives the basic concepts of emotional types, namely gives definition of physionomy which is connected with changeable emotional images of a human face, and also gives definition of physiognomy which is connected with constant emotional shapes and emotional types.
Second, third, fourth, fifth pages describe methods of visual identification of emotional types and images in faces of people, namely pages show photos according to which it is possible to see constant emotional shapes and altered displays of emotional images in human faces.
The sixth and seventh pages describe methods of identification of emotional types by means of astrological calculations according to birth dates and cosmograms of people, namely according to ratio of planets with hexagrams of the canon of changes i-jing and physiognomic symbols within the astrological circle.
The eighth page shows arrangements of hexagrams of the canon of changes i-jing and physiognomic symbols of human emotions in the circular scheme according to which it is possible to see aspects of emotional types and images, and it is possible to analyze mutual relations of people.
The ninth page gives the information on psychological properties of emotional types, namely describes psychological features peculiar to people according to emotional expressions of faces.