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central page of spatial arrangements

order of hexagrams i-jing in pairs
page shows hexagonal symbols
circular spatial arrangements
scheme of physiognomic symbols
page represents logic device
sixth page organizes hexagrams
scheme of rings of hexagrams i-jing
scheme of hexagrams i-jing
physiognomic symbols in astrological circle

Circles of emotions and rings of psychological types.
Spatial arrangements of symbols i-jing.

Nine pages of this section represent the information on circles and rings of hexagrams of the Books of Changes i-jing, and in essence give the information on spatial arrangements in which hexagrams correspond with various structures of world around, and including correspond with psychological structures of a human personality.

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The first page describes the order of hexagrams i-jing in pairs and quadras according to which hexagrams form esoteric sequence in the Book of Changes and correspond with power chakras of a human body, and in essence symbolize metaphysical structures of a body and harmonious structures of the Universe.
The second page shows hexagonal symbols according to which hexagrams i-jing form five groups and correspond with numbers of the Chinese numerology, and also correspond with symbols of the Chinese zodiac and hexadecimal (sexagesimal) scale of notation of ancient Babylon.
The third page shows circular spatial arrangements or otherwise to tell circles of emotions in which hexagrams i-jing correspond with physiognomic symbols and symbolize mutual relations of people according to aspects which are similar to aspects in astrology.
The fourth page shows the scheme of physiognomic symbols and hexagrams i-jing within astrological circle according to which it is possible to speak about harmonious or inconsistent parities of emotional displays, namely it is possible to speak about parities of emotions according to aspects of physiognomic symbols.


The fifth page represents the logic device in which circles of hexagrams i-jing have different diameters and are imposed on each other in the form of a pyramid, and also have an axis of rotation concerning which each circle can be rotated that allows to analyze aspects and variants of emotional parities.
The sixth page organizes hexagrams of the Books of Changes i-jing in rings according to numerological principles of a magic square.
The seventh page shows the scheme in which rings of hexagrams i-jing correspond with quarters of a magic square that is possible to consider as a geometrical decision of the circular quadrature (quadrature of a circle).
Besides shows game boards which are constructed according to principles of a magic square and are intended for puzzles, or for realization of fortune-telling.
The eighth and ninth pages show parities of hexagrams of the Books of Changes i-jing in rings with physiognomic symbols and corresponding psychological types of analytical psychology, and also results examples of psychological interrelations in rings.