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Facial relations of people.
Physiognomy of faces.

Gallery of physiognomic images.

Physiognomic symbolical images or symbols of human faces in this online gallery are compared with hexagrams of the canon of changes Yi King or I-Ching, and variants of human emotions are systematized by means of six lines.
Methods for analyses of facial emotions by means of the shown physiognomic images and semantic values of emotional expressions are described on web pages of this site in section which has the name concepts of the canon of changes Yi King.
This gallery allows to estimate interrelations of people according to emotions which can be seen in faces of people, namely facial physiognomy is considered as criterion of human mutual relations.

table of hexagrams YiKing for variants of human emotions

Table helps to find numbers of symbolical physiognomic images in the order of hexagrams in the canon of changes Yi King.
Top and bottom trigrams are top and left of the table, and hexagrams Yi King are in cells where corresponding verticals and horizontals are crossed.

This online gallery of relations is open, and in essence physiognomic symbols of human faces are free-of-charge, but all have prices, namely you must to pay 5 euro or equivalent sums by other currency if you estimate the shown pictures as worthy existence in the network of Internet..
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Also for analyses of emotions by means of physiognomy of a human face and symbols of the canon of changes Yi King it is possible to look physiognomic images in galleries which refer to: impressions, oracle, conditions, time.

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times of emotions