Physiognomic profile 27th.
64 Kwa and physiognomy of people.

mentality of a person and features of a face physiognomic lineament and characters of people

Physiognomy and characters of people.
Mentality of a person and features of a face.

Physiognomic meanings of lineament.
Six levels of a human face:
forehead - (max)
- indefinite - significant associative mentality (exaltation);
eyebrows - (min) - concrete - reduced methodical thinking (exaltation);
nose bridge - (min) - indefinite - reduced administrative abilities;
nose - (min) - concrete - reduced individuality (exaltation);
mouth - (min) - indefinite - reduced physiological nature;
chin - (max) - concrete - significant stability of will.


following physiognomic profile
principles of 64 Kwa and mentality of a person