Physiognomic profile 40th.
64 Kwa and physiognomy of foreheads.

shapes of people and psychological meanings faces and physiognomic parameters of lineament

Shapes of people and psychological meanings.
Faces and physiognomic parameters.

Physiognomic meanings of lineament.
Six levels of a human face:
forehead - (min)
- indefinite - reduced associative mentality;
eyebrows - (min) - concrete - reduced methodical thinking (exaltation);
nose bridge - (max) - indefinite - significant administrative abilities (exaltation);
nose - (min) - concrete - reduced demonstrative essence (exaltation);
mouth - (max) - indefinite - significant physiological nature (exaltation);
chin - (min) - concrete - reduced stability of will (exaltation).


following physiognomic profile
principles of 64 Kwa and associative mentality