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Physiognomy of facial lineaments.
Faces of people and astrology.

Nine pages on this website section represent the information which allows to correlate lineaments of a human face to astrological planets and signs on the zodiac in birth charts and horoscopes of people, that allows to understand psychological features of human personalities in a context of physiognomy from the point of view of astrology.

The information about human physiognomy, and also about facial shapes and lineament features in view of astrology in this section of website it is possible to take free of charge, but all you should pay 6 euro. Look the possible methods of electronic payments in the internet.
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Table of contents.

The first page describes psychological signals which can be perceived and produced by people that is visible in physiognomy of faces.
The second, third, fourth, fifth pages result information on ratio of facial lineaments in physiognomy with planets and signs on the zodiac in astrology.
In particular the second page shows lineaments as ratio of the sacred Egyptian and Pythagorean triangle with 12 parts of astrological circle.
The third page gives information on parities of planets in astrology with features of a human face in physiognomy.
The fourth page shows parities of facial features with strong and weak planets in signs on the zodiac.
The fifth page shows charts and tables according to which axes of the universe correspond with facial lineaments and planets in a context of physiognomy and astrology.
The sixth page describes psychological features of not expressed lineaments of a human face, and also about compensating displays of weak astrological planets through facial levels where planets are strong.
The seventh page results information on connections of natal planets in birth charts or cosmograms with physiognomy of human faces, and also about projections of physiognomic lineaments within astrological circle according to the sacred Pythagorean or Egyptian triangle.
The eighth and ninth pages speak about ratio of physiognomy of a face with four world elements which form structure of astrological circle.
In particular the eighth page shows proportions and disproportions of physiognomic lineaments of a face according to aspects of zodiacal signs and corresponding elements in astrological circle.
The ninth page results the information on sympathies and antipathies in mutual relationships of people according to ratio of four elements in astrological circle with physiognomy of human faces.


Also look within this website other sections with information about faces of people in profile and principles of physiognomy.
Half faces (concepts 1) shows logic systems according to which six or nine or twelve levels of a human face in profile matter in a context of physiognomy, and also represents online gallery where symbolical images of 64 physiognomic types of human faces are systematized according to 64 logic signs of the Chinese canon of changes i-jing.
Half faces (concepts 2) shows facial lineaments as the logic chart of various philosophical systems. In particular features of a face in a context of physiognomy are shown as display of the Chinese concepts of Taoism and Confucian philosophy, and also displays of mental view and opinion sights to the world of ancient Greek philosophers and various directions of Hinduism. Besides the understanding of lineament shapes of a human face in view of transcendental and existential philosophical sights at the world is described.
Half faces (concepts 3) shows mathematical proportions of human faces and universal patterns of geometrical figures according to which it is possible to measure harmonious ratios of facial shapes and to identify not only psychological characteristics of people, but also attributes of beauty in lineaments of men and women.
Information of this section can be necessary not only to those people who is interested in physiognomy and art of reading of human faces, but also for doctors and cosmeticians and surgeons for planning plastic operations and cosmetic procedures.
Half faces (concepts 5) compares facial shapes to numbers in numerology and images of mythological gods. And also the physiognomy of nine levels of a face is compared to grades of angels and circles of the universe of the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, that allows to describe psychology of people according to ratio of facial lineaments with characteristics of gods and qualities of angels.

And also look the information on complex analyses of human facial shapes in a context of physiognomy in half and full face.