Gnostic Christianity

divine phenomena

mystical principles of divine Trinity
forces and sources of creation
formal-symbolical astrological charts
structure of universe
existence of human personality
formation of soul
qualities of human spirit
discrete and imperfect worlds
astral and ethereal realms

Divine categories of universe.
Concepts of Gnostic Christianity.

This section of website considers mystical concepts of Gnostic Christian philosophy, namely information on divine phenomena and global world categories which are described in the Apocryphon of apostle John.
And also nine pages in this section of website consider esoteric processes according to which interaction of human Spirit with psycho-physiological Body conducts to creation of Soul in the context of philosophical concepts of Gnostic Christianity.


First page considers mystical principles of divine Trinity which was the source for creation of world validity. Namely first page gives analysis of divine Trinity from the view point of mystical concepts of Gnostic Christian philosophy in the context of Apocryphon of apostle John.
Second page describes aeons of perfect pleroma which have been formed by forces and sources of creation of the unique Son or the Christ who is the spark which was born from light or image of Pronoia of the invisible Spirit. And also second webpage shows astrological models or otherwise to tell charts according to which hexagrams of the Chinese canon of changes I Ching correspond with zodiac signs and form triangles which symbolize constructive structures of world reality.
And also there is online gallery where images of triangles are shown.
Third page shows parities of 64 hexagrams of the Chinese canon of changes I Ching and formal-symbolical astrological charts of universe with physiognomic symbols of emotions according to which it is possible to analyze influence of divine aeons of perfect pleroma and imperfect levels of world reality on personality of a man, that allows to choose emotional images necessary for development and evolution of human soul.
Fourth page describes mystical reasons of initial origin of imperfect world, and also shows ratios of astrological charts of various levels of world reality with global world categories which form structure of universe.
Fifth page speaks about the polarized dual image of a man and processes which occur as a result of existence of human personality in spheres of imperfect and discrete worlds. And also gives information about the Kingdom of Heaven which should be carried out by human civilization owing to epinoia of divine light as a result of transformation of universe.
Sixth page gives information about formation of soul by means of global world categories as a result of interaction of spirit with psycho-physiological body, and also about structures of human personality or essence of a man from the view point of Jungian analytical psychology and concepts of Tao Te Ching of Chinese philosophy of Taoism.
Seventh page gives information about connection of divine qualities of human spirit with global world categories and creation of soul at different levels of world reality. And also about Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension, namely about processes which were made as the result of connection of divine spirit of Jesus Christ with psycho-physiological human body.
Eighth page describes esoteric processes according to which individual consciousness of a man after death of physical material body finishes existence in metaphysical spheres of discrete and imperfect worlds.
And also eighth webpage speaks about possible immortality of human soul in metaphysical spheres of world reality owing to a Christian christening.
Ninth page shows astrological charts according to which metaphysical spheres of conscious and unconscious reality, and also astral and ethereal realms of imperfect and discrete worlds correspond with six global world categories.
And also ninth webpage gives information on transformations which were made in the discrete world owing to Resurrection and Ascension of the Christ, or otherwise to tell planetary structures of Heavenly Jerusalem and Star of Zion are shown.

It is necessary to tell that philosophical concepts of Gnostic Christianity considerably differ from Gnosticism, just as the orthodox Christian religious philosophy differs from theosophy or esoteric theology, or any other occult doctrines. Because Gnosticism is caused by opinions of people whose ideas realized human immortality according to antique philosophical systems and oriental religious cults, but Gnostic Christian philosophy is a comprehension of eternal life and true of the Christ on the basis of mystical information which is informed to apostle John.